Creative DIY Ideas: how to recycle the wine bottles of your cellar

Creative DIY Ideas: how to recycle the wine bottles

DIY with empty wine bottles. Create on your own your home deco!

Are you looking for interior design ideas to personalize the style of your house without spending a fortune on stores because you have a limited budget? So why not use empty wine bottles and create decorative items with a retro, vintage or bohemian style? We know that recycling materials is definitely not a piece of cake, especially if you are a beginner. However, it is only a matter of time and practice to learn all the techniques and develop the art of recycling. How about instead of throwing away the bottles of wine that you enjoyed at dinner time, to read this article with creative ideas on how to reuse them! Below you will find some recycling ideas to turn your bottles into artistic creations!

Here are some quite original ideas that stand out:

Use wine bottles to create an impressive ceiling light

If you are looking for an alternative way to create a vintage like pendant lamp, get inspired by these graphic design ceiling lamps made from cut bottles!

What could be better than some ordinary bulbs that we put in our empty bottles after we fix them on a wooden stand in order to create a wine-themed ceiling light? In case you would prefer to add a more artistic touch to the decoration of your kitchen, do not hesitate to use various colored glass bottles in different shapes and sizes!!

Outdoor lighthouses

The proposed DIY constructions can radically change the aesthetics not only of the interior of your house but also the styling of the outdoor spaces: how could you change the vibes of your garden, terrace or balcony and turn them into cozy and warm spaces for chilling out? Here’s a great idea that you can try: turn your boring light bulbs into beautiful pendant lights of various sizes and hang them around like a vintage chandelier!

In other words, what about hanging lanterns made from wine bottles that will offer you relaxation after a long day at the office?

Deco recycling with empty wine bottles to animate your terrace!

Take your old candles out of the cupboard and create this lantern in the shape of a wine bottle for some extra light at your garden! Also, remember to attach a metal chain to enhance the DIY decoration and place various accessories according to your preferences!

If you do not dispose any colored bottles, you can use chalkboard color to transform your creations by writing a message on it using a marker. This is a beautiful pendant lamp that is attached creating a retro look.

Create an authentic watering can from an old bottle of wine!

Another great idea so that you can water your plants automatically while you are away from home! See the picture and find out how you can transform your old bottles into watering cans that will give even more character to your decor.

Turn your empty wine cellar into candlesticks!

Light up your table decoration with these bottles that turn into candlesticks or improvised candle jars.

Do not hesitate to go even further with the transformation of your bottles to create an idyllic atmosphere or to impress your guests.

Wooden shelves for bottles & glasses!

For 100% handmade decoration, you can make a wooden wine rack with a simple wine bottle and a solid wood shelf.

Check out how cool it looks with the photo below.

Design suggestions for gifts with colorful decorative bottles

If you want to bring a festive atmosphere to the decoration, while remaining elegant and refined, take bottles of wine and repaint them in bright colors depending on the occasion you are celebrating. Customize each design with patterns, rhinestones, beads or ribbons according to your personal taste. Create the most imaginative gifts to offer joy to all your loved ones.

Spring bohemian mood with flower pots in colorful patterns

If you love colorful patterns and the flowers blossoming during springtime blow your mind away, this is our suggestion: create ethnic flower pots from wine bottles so that a simple meal in the dining room fills you with positive energy and optimism. If you are into experimenting, you can make some small decorative additions as you can see in the photo.

Bottles decorated with colorful strings for unique flower pots

Are you dreaming of a vibrant decoration full of colors and textures? All you have to do is wrap a colorful jute string around an empty wine bottle and then turn it into a wonderful flowerpot.

Use colors to create stripes and then add a fabric flower or a large colored glass bead.

Use your empty bottles to dress the table

For an elegant, rustic decor, nothing beats the elegance of a bottle of wine decorated with an exotic, graphic or rustic pattern! Another practical use is to remove the wine label and use it as a water or vinegar serving jug.

Turn your wine bottle into a lamp for your nightstand

Elegant and sophisticated, this lamp base in a wine bottle could also be used as a vase or as a simple decorative item. If you put some light garlands, you will turn the wine bottle into a lamp that will create an effect that is both familiar and romantic.

Automatic watering/feeding of birds with a bottle of wine

If you want to make a watering can for the birds now that it is getting warmer in order to protect them and keep on enjoying their chirping, we suggest you turn an old wine bottle into water filler.

To help you take your decoration one step further, there is nothing better than choosing a fancy color like this blue turquoise to transform your creations! In winter time, you can turn it into a food supplier, since non-migratory birds need it at that time for surviving.

Our contribution to recycling

At Domaine Florian we believe in the value of recycling and our inspiration for the above article was the project we have been running lately. Cork recycling is very common for our estate as it represents our philosophy on implementing environmentally friendly practices. Specifically, we reused the corks from our bottles to cover the surface of 15 tables, which we later covered with epoxy. You can see the beautiful result in the photos above. Watch the video below where Florian, owner and winemaker of the estate, takes care of the construction of the tables in view of the summer season that we look forward to welcoming you all.

Wine Bottles Recycling at Domaine Florian

In addition to cork recycling, we also apply complete recycling of bottles consumed at the Estate. Based on the DIY ideas we presented to you, we have made our own effort to reuse some bottles to create the following lighting space that decorates our tasting room:

Many of the ideas we proposed here require neither special equipment nor being a craftsman.

It just takes your time and creativity, some empty bottles for testing and the will to make something different!

Video Tutorials

Here are some Video Tutorials we’ve put together with Practical Tips to make it easier for you:

9 Crafts for Wine Bottles:

YouTube video

Bottle cutting tutorial:

YouTube video

7 Awesome Ways to Upcycle Old Wine Bottles:

YouTube video

Wine Bottle DIY | How to Decor Empty Bottle:

YouTube video

If you liked some of our ideas and plan to try them out, don’t hesitate to send us a photo with your work so that we can share it with everyone and be inspired too!

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