Domaine Florian: The story of the German family that invested in the Greek vineyard  The story of Florian Schneider, owner of Domaine Florian in Thessaloniki, who managed to follow his dream and become a winemaker in Greece, is definitely an inspiration to every winelover. Let us follow his family’s journey from Germany to U.S.A. In 2002, the Schneider’s, found their dream place in Thessaloniki: the region of Trilofos with the stunning view towards the sea
The ideal cellar, moderate temperature, humidity & lack of light, are key factors in maintaining a bottle of wine that we want to store. Below we have gathered some basic tips for the proper storage of wine so that you can enjoy it in the ideal conditions at the right time.THE IDEAL AGΕING CELLARA cool basement with a temperature that does not exceed 12 ° C with the appropriate humidity levels (65-70%) is unfortunately very
Technology & Wine: Domaine Florian proposes 10 wine apps for your Iphone & Android smartphones Nowadays, our smartphones guarantee direct access to an excessive amount of information that is just one click away to download. Mobile applications have the answers for all the aspects of our everyday life ranging from simple tasks to scientific topics; almost everything is possible thanks to the thousands of applications that are available online! The wine sector is no exception.
DIY with empty wine bottles Create on your own your home deco! Are you looking for interior design ideas to personalize the style of your house without spending a fortune on stores because you have a limited budget? So why not use empty wine bottles and create decorative items with a retro, vintage or bohemian style?  We know that recycling materials is definitely not a piece of cake, especially if you are a beginner. However,

Wine Movies & Documentaries

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WINE & DOCUMENTARY MOVIES Domaine Florian blog takes a tour of the movies that introduce us to the world of wine. We challenge you to find a good movie that lacks wine. There is always a good bottle around a festive table, a half-full wine glass at each sad breakup, a vineyard in the background of a road trip. However, there are a few good movies that make wine their main theme. The world of viticulture